Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Monday, 27 April 2009


See below for more on RG's weathervane.

New post: Golden Graham

Look! Read this, my new thing on Rodney Graham's weathervane on top of the Whitechapel. If you like articles about weathervanes, you'll tolerate it!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

New Art21 post: Guernica Revisited

A new thing to read here, about the installation of the 'Guernica' tapestry at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Good things in New York!

Ouf! Sophie Calle at Paula Cooper - possibly French. 

FAO Short Round (read on).

PG Tips: keep it neat.

Corrugated Romanesque capital at The Cloisters with corduroy palm leaves.

Intestino-French-horninal (finally!) paintings on paper by Shazia Sikander at Sikkema Jenkins 
(watch Sikander interviewed by excellent NY teenagers here). 

Monday, 6 April 2009

New Art21 post: Get your Phil!

My new post, on art and economics, is here, with a grand Phil Collins picture just for you.

(It's a bit rambling, but I hope it makes sense - to quote Kenneth Clarke in 'Civilisation', 'I don't say much about economics in this book because I don't understand them'. That was back when economics was plural. That was the days!)