Sunday, 6 March 2011

Some old ideas, collected

Here is a recap on some pieces I wrote a while ago that might while away the inevitable.

On Anthony McCall's contemporary baroque at the Serpentine Gallery

On Guido van der Werve's abject romanticism at the Hayward

On saints' names and their influence on a person's life

On Tala Madani and bad taste in painting

On what makes paintings from the 1980s actually quite good

On what the problem is with contemporary art curators

On Rodney Graham and Erasmus

On the contemporary art bubble

On why Jeff Koons = Michael J Fox

On trying to make sense of the Venice Biennale

On Glen Beck's analysis of thirties design

On the difficulty of remembering works of art

On Avatar, Gauguin and the end of the world

On why contemporary art is the new Mannerism

On why painting and bad writing go together

On William Kentridge's historical consciousness

Other articles are available.


  1. i will read me through that. best christof

  2. sounds exciting, will read me through these thoughts.

    peace christof

  3. Excellent - looking forward to hearing what you think. Thanks,