Monday, 24 August 2009

New! Hot Scots, Part Un

(Above: "Loved you in 'Two and a Half Men!'")

The first part of a two part thing on the Edinburgh Art Festival is here.


  1. Hey "something about chimps, something about milk":

    Your comment about Basel cracked me up. I kind of can't believe (1) that you actually peed on RS's sculpture (if you did, hmm), and (2) that you told the genteel world of the Art:21 blog. Balls. I've always loved that someone tagged his sculpture with a very plainly writ "Richard Serra." I would love to see a series of that, artist's names in big spray-painted letters affixed to their works. So simple, yet so brilliant. If you're ever in Basel again, we should have a drink! (then I can leave you to Richard). Best, Quinn

  2. I did not urinate on Serra, Quinn. I did love Basel, though. Thank you. I may be back. Mine's a liverwurst.